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HDR Light Studio Connection Softimage Addon

This connection supports HDR Light Studio version 4 and version 5.

The HDR Light Studio Connection is an independently developed plugin that provides a live connection between Softimage and HDRI Light Studio

HDR Light Studio provides lighting for your shot via the creation of a spherical HDRI map. As you light your shot in HDR Light Studio see the results in Softimage update interactively.

The plugin works with Redshift 3D, Mental Ray, and Arnold. It does not currently work with 3Delight.


Brief video demonstration


Although not officially supported by Lightmap (the company that develops HDR Light Studio), this plugin has been produced with both their blessing and assistance. If you find this plugin useful, I do ask for donations to support it, especially if fixes or updates are required. Personally I really enjoy using the live plugin for a lot of my lighting tasks.

Realtime Stereo Viewport

Realtime Stereo Addon

Note: Stereo display is now included in Softimage 2011.5. This Addon provides stereo display for earlier versions.

Realtime anaglyph stereo viewport for Softimage. The addon has been updated  and now features control over the anaglyph color mixing and output. This can be used to produced optimized anaglyphs with decreased "retinal rivalry" as well as anaglyphs for different color filter systems.

There is also a new, experimental option for interlaced stereo output (requires interlaced stereo monitor).

Here is the new ReadMe

A basic off-axis parallel stereo rig which will work with the plugin is available here
The addon should work with any stereo rig which has a left and right camera.

Here is a Demo version which has the same function but which will only show one camera at a time.

The price is US$ 50 for a single user or US$ 100 for a site license.
Vector displacement - scales

Vector Displacement

This addon allows you to generate and apply displacement maps which displace in arbitrary directions, not just along the surface normal.



XSIBase thread

Binder PPG

Binder 1.2 for XSI 7

Binder 1.1 for XSI 6

Binder 1.1 for 5.11 

Displacement alternative. Binds a base object in XSI to a high-poly sculpted object file. Animate and deform the base version in XSI. At render time the sculpted version is rendered.

XSIBase thread
BHairy braid


Hair generating plugin for XSI. Generates hair for any version of XSI  including Foundation and Essentials. Requires XSI 5.11 or 6.01.

Basically defunct now that hair is included in all versions of Softimage, but has a few interesting features such as unlimited number of segments.


Bump mapping shader. Just plug a texture or two into the inputs.


Note: As of XSI 6.01, zbump is included with Softimage XSI as the new bump node.

  cube prerender Solid Volume render 3D vein texture

solid volume

Basic ray-marcher. Can use procedural input or volumetric datasets (See volume loader below). It can do limited non-solid ray-marching but you probably want to check out Binary Alchemy Volume shaders if you want something production-worthy for that.

solid volume basic example scene

solid volume non-solid example scene 

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direct volume render of skull CT scan - visible human

volume loader

Loads 3D volumetric datasets (such as medical cross-sectional imaging data). This can then be rendered using Solid Volume ("Direct Volume Rendering").


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Parallax demo render


Steep Parallax shader. This can achieve displacement-like effects, except at the edges of an object. It uses a local ray-marching method around the ray-object intersection point rather than displacing geometry. It seems like it's usually slower than displacement.


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Addon with output shader which will overlay text. Options include frame number, time, and render time; current date and time; XSI and MR versions; scene name; as well as arbitrary text input.

This uses the FreeType library and can display .ttf fonts.

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64-bit Muh Shaders


These shaders were all written by Daniel Rind. I made slight changes in two of the shaders' source for 64-bit compiling. I have included the altered cpp's. You should be able to use the same spdl's that came with the 32 bit versions. These are supplied as-is. The only one I have personally used is muhHair, which seems to work well.

Here is the muh website .